Learn to Surf and Surf Tours

Learn to surf and surf tours made easy and fun on New Plymouth’s famous Surf Highway 45. We are dedicated to making your first times surfing, safe and memorable for you. Don’t worry, we learn in waist to chest deep water with a sandy bottom.

Meet And Greet

Our beginner surf lessons begin with a meet and greet, where you’ll be introduced to your surf instructors and talk through some health and safety protocols. Then you’ll be matched with a suitable surfboard and wetsuit to ensure you remain warm and comfortable.

From there you will all head to the waters edge and place your boards on the sand. This is where the lessons begin. Your surf instructor will point out all the hazards of the day, both visible, hidden and expected. Then it will take approximately 20 minutes to complete warm-ups and pop-up drills.

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In The Water

The groups are usually at a 6:1 (learner:instructor) ratio as recommended by the ISA unless you book a one to one private session. https://www.isasurf.org/

When you have mastered the push in and stand up technique in waste deep water, which takes about 30-40 minutes, your coach will call everyone back to the beach for a demonstration for the next step. The paddle in, pop up and pump along.

Another 30-40 minutes is what it normally takes to get this technique right under the guidance of your coaches. You can also get some great photos to remember. Your coach will then call everyone out of the water for a head count and post-lesson review.

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Post Surf Reflection

Once all of the gear is rinsed and returned, you will be asked to provide some feed back about your experience and offered more lessons. If you and your coach think you are ready for the next step, you will be offered the oppurtunity to go on a surf tour with the very talented crew from New Zealand Surfing Adventures. Check their website here http://www.nzsurfingadventures.com

Book Now

Contact us here for learn to surf and surf tours https://www.naumaitours.co.nz/guided-tours-taranaki/


How fit do I need to be to learn how to surf?

You dont need to be super fit to learn to surf. If you can easily push yourself up off the ground and stand, you can do it on a surfboard.

I cant swim well, will that be a problem?

It would definitely help but is not necessary, our coaches are all trained first aiders and lifeguards. The lessons are also done in waist deep water and the coaches will stay close by in case you don’t feel comfortable.

How warm is the water?

In summer the temperature ranges from 19C-24C and Winter ranges from 12C-16C. The wetsuits are very warm and comfortable and the lessons go for a maximum of 3 hours but you can finish early if you like.